Here we are going to announce the new appointment of Professor Fukuda as a professor of the Department of Civil Engineering, the University of Tokyo, from April 1st, 2020. From then on, he will concurrently hold the post as Specially Appoint Professor in TIT, but we are sorry to tell that he CANNOT accept any student under TIT admission.

  For those students who wish to do researches under the supervision of Prof. Fukuda, it is possible to apply through the University of Tokyo. For the current students, Prof. Asakura will be in charge of the main supervisor as well as Prof. Fukuda in a vice supervisor position. Corresponding to the personnel change, the name of Fukuda Lab will be renamed as 'Asakura・Fukuda Lab~Fukuda Group'. As for the process of the researches, it is supposed to have no difference from before.

  In Prof. Fukuda's new role at the University of Tokyo, he will also focus on the field of disaster prevention. If any interested, please join us in providing better solutions to make a better world! 


Degree Award Ceremony

[March 29th, 2020]

  The Degree Award Ceremony of Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering was held on March 26th, 2020 from individual to individual. Due to the coronavirus, the Graduation Ceremony of the Year 2020 was canceled but only message from the principle was in live online.

  This spring we have 6 graduates that are:
  • Master Course: Shiroma, Ogawa, Kawai
  • Bachelor Course: Tabuchi, Ukai

muro.ogawa.jpg                                             M2 Muro(middle),Ogawa(right)
IMG_9536-thumb-autox533-1727.jpg                                           M2 Ihoroi(left),Shiroma(middle)
ukai.jpg                                                              B4 Ukai
tabuchi.jpg                                                             B4 Tabuchi
  It was a pity that M2 graduate Kawai didn't join this ceremony because of a self-isolation as a result of return from oversea travel.  Neither did other traditional congratulation parties (TSU party, Farewell party) were held this year. It is a pity we cannot celebrate with parties for those lovely graduates. We wish and believe them a promising future. 


Master Course Final Presentation

[Feburary 13th, 2020]

  Today we M2 students finally came to a big day--- Thesis Defense Committee for Master Degree. Different from what it was before, this time professors other than planning also joined.

S__38461447-thumb-400xauto-1720.jpg                                        Shiroma(keywords: electronic cars/charging network/optimization)
S__38404159-thumb-400xauto-1713.jpg                                       Kawai(keywords: telework/satellite office/SP survey/Choice Model)
S__38404157-thumb-400xauto-1712.jpg                                       Ogawa(keywords: Kamakura congestion/LSTM/forecasting system)
3903-thumb-400xauto-1717.jpg                                              Muro(keywords: Shinkansen/economics/causal relationship)
[December 31st, 2019]

New Year, New beginning.

As we gently go into the year 2020 with progress of our B4 and M2 students had their mid-term paper release presentations on Dec. 27th. Besides that We Fukuda Lab had our conventional end-of-year clean-up and Bounenkai (End-of-year Celebration Dining) where we gladly had 6 graduated members with us.

2020 is coming. Have you decided your goals to become a better yourself ?


[December 16th, 2019]

M2 member Ogawa and M1 member Kita have successfully debuted at Hong Kong Society for Transportation Studies 2019, Kowloon, HK, which was a third presentation in this December after CSIS and JSCE.

This is the first time for them to present outside Japan. Though nervous ,they finally did the challenge responding the questions from the audience of academic experts on their own. Meanwhile, Nagasaki, M1 member of Asakura Lab, also presented this time, have just flied from Holland where he has exchanged to.

Truly it was not a proper time to come to Hong Kong as there was still at the tail of riot. But luckily Kowloon was far from the center of riot, wandered around in the downtown of
Kowloon it is surprised to find that there are many chain shops and restaurants of Japanese brands.

HKSTS 2019 drew a good end to this year. Comments from professors overseas would definitely a solid foundation to later researches.



[December 10th,2019]

A baseball game is held annually among planning laboratories of 10 universities. On Dec. 8th this year, Tokyo University of Science held this game. For TSU of TIT, 12 students from Fukuda Lab, Asakura Lab, Muromachi Lab and Yai Lab joined it including our member Kita(M1).

Beaten at 5-0, TSU team was way too far to rank top in this event. Let's see how members in next year grow different, which is said to be held in TIT.

[December 3th, 2019]

 In the recent few days from Nov. 30th to Dec. 2nd, Autumn Convention of Japan Society of Civil Engineers (JSCE) has been held in University of Toyama. This time we had 4 members including 2 former members, Imaoka and Hirabayashi graduated last year, to present in this convention.

 Ogawa and Kita had their research titles as 'Short-term Traffic Volume Forecasting by Using LSTM Method--- A Case Study of the Central Area of Kamakura City' and 'Factor Analysis on the Passengers' Intentions towards Ride-sharing System Under a Complete Automation Condition by Considering of Passengers' Attributes'. As a rehearsal presentation for HKSTS, these 2 members seemed to have further pursues on later ones.

On the other hand, we were so glad to attend the presentations of Imaoka and Hirabayashi senior graduates with their paper titles as 'A Verification on the Relation between Train-Passenger's Flow Rate Density under a Circumstance of a High Frequency Operation Urban Railway System'  and 'The Space Pattern of Velocity-Density of Pedestrian Flow in the Congested Train Station'.
F2.jpgFile (6).jpg
F3.jpgFile (5).jpg


[November 17th,2019]

 M2 student Ogawa and M1 Kita presented their researches and had their poster sessions on CSIS DAYS 2019 at University of Tokyo, Kashiwa Campus. Also, congratulations to Ogawa on his Excellent Joint Research Presentation Award winning in this program.

 It was definitely a good chance for our students to present outside our university in an open, frank and full of high level suggestions place. "I really appreciated for those comments which make me a deeper reflect on how can I express my thought and my results to be better understood by others. " said by our member.


Lab Seminars in October

[October 17th,2019]

 We had our 3rd~5th seminars of this term this month which were held on Oct. 2nd, 9th and 16th.

 At the 3rd seminar (10/2), Shiroma and Kawai, both M2 students, gave their presentations on their master thsises.
Shiroma decided to solid his direction on a user equilibrium network under an electricity car charging cost problem with car type choosing analyze in schedule. On the other hand, Kawai presented his research concern on what could affect people alter their working style to satellite office or telework. In order to make better questionnaire, we also answered his sample sheet at the beginning.

 At the 4th seminar (10/9), our B4 students Tabuchi and Ukai displayed their preliminary try out on their bachelor themes. Tabuchi  intended to do research on how activity pattern change if new mobility introducted by using recursive logit model. Meanwhile, Ukai has put his hand to demonstrate hunting phenomenon with a compare between a self-signal condition and no signal condition. It is their first time to do researches but they have showed fully competency in their work. We believe they can gain a lot from now on.

 At the 5th seminar (10/16) we had Ihoroi and Wang brought their recent progresses. Having finished 1-year study in Sweden and a 3-month internship in Philippines, Ihoroi talked about her oversea life, new feelings about different cultures and atmospheres. Wang started her basic analysis on the fresh data with an attempt to estimate efficiency rate of Wi-Fi capture and bluetooth data.


A Lab Travel to FUKUI & ISHIKAWA

[October 11th~13th,2019]

 Despite the Typhoon No.19 (Typhoon Hagibis) pummeled Japan from Saturday (10/12), forcing millions to a terribale condition in East Japan, we happened to have this smart decision, thanks to this early plan, to visit several study related sites, that are an under constructing Shinkansen site and experimetal autonomous mini bus at Fukui.

 The first day started by Shinkansen riding from Tokyo to Maibara, then transferred to a rapid train to Fukui. After a simple lunch we were kindly recepted by staffs from railway construction company, independent administrative institution and other relating organizations. By giving a detailed commentary of the under construcing project at many different watching points, from far to near, from high to low, they showed us how this project will be constructed. We were very grateful to have this elaborate arrangment to come closely to what we are studying as well as how those super engineering projects grounded into place. Then we headed for the experimental autonomous mini bus routing. Though it was no long distance to go in that route, the mini bus was running in a peaceful pace and had smooth turning and pull-up, which we believe will do good to aging people in remote areas. After that we visited the temple Eihei-ji and then ended this enriched day by checking in the onsen (hot-spring) resort. Moreover, happy day lasts long, we prepared a birthday surprise for Prof. Fukuda, obviously put this day in a climax.

 In influence of the typhoon, wind and rain came as predicted on the second day. Almost all Shinkansen trains shut down under compulsion which made us change our plan to Kanazawa in Ishiwaga as our next destination instead of back to Tokyo. Thanks to our planner, Mr. Kawai, we can still move smoothly in such terrible condition with no worries. With all efforts in replanning by him we had great time in Kanazawa for two days. 

 We appreiciate this travel in pulling much closer to each other and hope this activity could be planned as a tradition of Fukuda Lab ever on and on.
File (4).jpg
                                   Picure 1. Visit in Fukui Shinkansen Construction Site
File (3).jpg                                   Picture 2. Experience Autonomous Driving Mini Bus
File (1).jpg                                                    Picture 3. Feel the Peace in Eihei-ji
File.jpg                         Picture 4. Prof. Fukuda's Surprise on the Unpredicted Birthday Cake研究室旅行in福井金沢1011〜10_191019_0099.jpg                                                        Picture 5.  Crashed, However研究室旅行in福井金沢1011〜10_191019_0090.jpg                                                      Picture 6. A Shot in Kanazawa